Dr. Leora Manischewitz

Oct 23rd, 2023

Summer is right around the corner…

And here comes the same pressure we all feel around Christmas-time: it’s a time to be upbeat, excited, happy. The sun is warm, the beaches are beckoning, work morphs into weekend getaways, frothy drinks are the order of the day. For many people, the scenario works and works well but for others, summer only serves to enhance feelings of sadness, the blue moments that creep up and won’t let go.

The pressure to “have fun and let loose” is enormous and for those of you who aren’t feeling so “hot,” this may translate into feelings of guilt and self-recrimination. “What is wrong with me, I should be happy, it’s beautiful outside?” becomes the question of the day as those of you who are struggling with depressed feelings condemn yourselves for just those feelings.

The truth is that depression, sadness, feeling “blue” can happen to anyone at any time. Life throws us curve balls and we react. Sometimes we handle things better than at other times. Period. Doesn’t matter if the sun is blazing or if the rain is teeming. What does matter is that you recognize what is going on and that you help yourself. Take the pressure off: fun is there for the taking when you feel well, not blue. Doesn’t matter if it’s July or January.

Be kind to yourself. Accept that you may not be in the happiest place at this moment and let yourself feel sad. Beyond that:

  • Talk to friends and family
  • Pamper yourself in the best way you know how ( a warm bath, a manicure, a new pair of Converse sneakers, etc)
  • Pray, if you feel connected to your faith
  • Meditate (easy to learn and very helpful with depression)
  • Exercise
  • Distract yourself with hobbies and activities
  • Seek the help of a professional psychologist if the depressed feelings overtake your every day life

Mainly, don’t blame yourself for how you are feeling. Summer will always be there for the taking.

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